Entrance Management

Security at entrances and attendance control, a priority for every company.

Installing a system to control entrances is becoming more of a necessity every day for companies, even small businesses, to control both employee attendance and ensure maximum protection of staff, data, and documents.
In addition to badges and timecards at the turnstile, now we have sophisticated technology, such as biometric recognition – with iris scans or digital fingerprinting – and facial recognition. These are the most suitable solutions for managing access to particularly sensitive areas, such as laboratories and, more generally, areas in which security is a priority.
Galli Sicurezza, in partnership with CSC Impresa Costruzioni SA, recently renovated the security infrastructure at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva: access control, video surveillance, anti-intrusion systems, fire and metal detectors, and speedy gates. This prestigious achievement has allowed us to become accredited potential partners for all companies in the Canton Ticino and all over Switzerland.